LBH's Role in Overcoming Legal Problems

LBH's Role in Overcoming Legal Problems


Here are some things you need to know about the role of legal aid agencies (LBH) in overcoming legal problems.

Sometimes some people still misunderstand or misunderstand LBH with legal services. Both are almost similar in that they help you in solving problems related to law. For this reason, here are some important things you need to know about LBH.

What is LBH?

LBH itself is a legal aid agency which, as the name implies, helps you in solving problems related to legal issues. However, it is necessary to know about LBH where this aid agency is a non-profit organization. In other words, the legal aid provided is free assistance.

Important Things to Know About LBH

1. Fees are “free”

It should also be noted that this institution does provide free legal assistance, but also considers several things.

LBH focuses more on providing legal aid to people who are not able to afford and are also blind to the law or have no knowledge at all related to the law.

In addition, the meaning of the word free is meant in LBH itself is free of charge for the needs of lawyers.

Apart from this, the community still has to pay operational costs. For example, court fees and other costs if needed.

2. Legal basis

The legal basis for LBH has been regulated in Law Number 16 of 2011 concerning Legal Aid.
The regulation explains that LBH is an institution that has the duty to provide legal assistance.

Meanwhile, based on Article 1 point 3 of the Law on Legal Aid, it is stated that legal aid in question is legal services provided by the aid provider free of charge to the beneficiary.

3. Scope of work

The scope of work carried out by LBH itself will usually be different from that provided by independent attorney services or those who use fees.

LBH will focus more on providing legal assistance in the nature of seeking justice. Either inside or outside the court.

In addition, LBH is usually also more routine in conducting outreach and counseling related to legal issues.

Then, what is the role of LBH in terms of law for the community? Historically, small people have not been able to enjoy their right to legal aid.

Whereas as citizens of Indonesia, all have the same rights in the eyes of the law. This is what gave birth to the Legal Aid Institute on the basis of the inequality that occurs in society.

The role of legal aid institutions is to help make people aware that they have legal rights when problems occur in the legal field.

This legal aid institution will later play a greater role in providing assistance to people who are legally blind and have less money to get legal assistance from advocates.

These are some important things related to legal aid institutions or LBH which are quite often equated with the services of a lawyer.

Thus the role of LBH in Overcoming Legal Problems is made, hopefully it will be useful.
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